5 Mental Hurdles That Will Drive You Mad In Online Entrepreneurship

Many endorse the digital world and the benefits it brings as an online entrepreneur but this online game isn’t for everyone.

Everyone talks about online entrepreneurship and the freedom it brings. But this online game isn’t for everyone. Online entrepreneurship gives you the freedom many people value, such as creating your ideal lifestyle around it. As with everything, there are some obstacles you will have to overcome. Here are some psychological things to prepare for your journey to online entrepreneurship.

Play The Long Game

Entrepreneurship isn’t a get-rich scheme suited for the mentally weak. There are a lot of ups and downs on the journey. This journey will test you mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. The one thing that eases frustration is understanding that every win or loss is a step forward.

  • Every experience is going to be a learning experience in the long run
  • Avoid thinking to yourself that you have finally made it
  • Start with what you have because no matter how far along the journey you are, you will never know enough

Get Used To Doing Boring Tasks

Online entrepreneurship looks sexy on social media. The allure of being seen as influential will give you an overload of dopamine. If this is your motivation, it will be like a caffeine addict trying to stop drinking coffee. Unfortunately, all of the important things are going to be boring. There isn’t any excitement in doing the daily tasks.

  • Depending on your niche, develop the basic skills that will be necessary
  • You will need to perform these skills each day for practice
  • Performing these skills each day will build mental muscles to fight through the monotony

It Is A Game Of Personal Development

The one thing nobody discusses publicly about online entrepreneurship is that it will challenge your entire life. To make a decent living for yourself in this business, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable and grow as a person. Everything in your personal life matters to your business. An example is if you have terrible health, it will affect how much energy you will be able to contribute to your business.

  • Be prepared for entrepreneurship to test your personal life
  • Be prepared for your blind spots to be exposed
  • Be prepared to show up even when during challenging life events

Get Over Your Insecurities

The one thing about the entrepreneurial journey is you can’t hide from your insecurities. This part of the game requires you to be vulnerable by putting yourself out there. And sometimes, this means digitally in a cruel and shallow world of social media. Listening to your voice, looking at pictures of yourself, and watching videos of yourself will be a bit terrifying at first. Eventually, you will get used to seeing yourself in this light.

  • Be prepared for your insecurities to be put under a microscope
  • Be prepared to take rejections a lot harder especially if you are committed to the journey
  • Understand that every entrepreneur is dealing with some sort of doubts or insecurities

Nobody Cares At The Beginning

Getting into this online entrepreneurship game for ego purposes will force you to quit right away. As you build your brand, post content, and solicit your services, nobody is going to care at the beginning of the journey. You will be invisible because a million people are attempting to do what you are doing. That number gets lower as you stay with it and start to establish yourself as a credible entrepreneur but the beginning is the most challenging part.

  • People won’t trust your brand right away so keep going
  • When you have shown consistency and social proof, then people will care
  • This mental battle of feeling like you’re the only one who cares about your business in the early stages is the toughest part

The toughest part about this game is the mental gymnastics you will have to do from preventing yourself from going crazy. Once you figure that out, everything else gets easier.

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