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About Me

I’m a former personal trainer turned writer. You would also consider me a semi-digital nomad as my part-time job allows me to travel frequently. I spent years trying to find the perfect balance in careers that allowed me to have some flexibility to travel, work, and write at the same time.

My biggest challenge was having strong introverted tendencies while trying to make a life for myself in an extroverted world. This was a disaster in my younger years. Everything started to make sense when I identified with the INFJ personality type from the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test.

I am from everywhere but I am from nowhere. I have strong childhood ties in the Memphis, TN, and Arkansas area. I spent much of my adult life in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. I have also lived in San Francisco, California, and Denver, Colorado. My nomad adventures have allowed me to travel to over 30 countries and resided in 5.

Now I combine all of these unique experiences to help other introverted-minded people create a life of freedom for themselves. I do this by discussing topics such as Self Improvement from my personal trainer days. Global Mindest from my digital nomad experience. Stoic Life Lessons from my personal experiences as an Introvert. And Solopreneurship and Mastery as a digital writer from my journey.

Now I am blessed to have a job that allows me to travel and Freelance as a Digital Writer in my off time.

You will enjoy my writing if you value travel, freedom, personal growth, community, creativity, and flexibility.

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Here are four publications where you can check out my work


Change Becomes You

Digital Global Traveler

Practice In Public

Social Media

I mainly use social media for business purposes. I also use it to connect with others offline. I try not to get sucked into the mindless scrolling of the social media vortex.

Here social media platforms you can connect with me:



Linked In

Contact me

My Website and LinkedIn are the best places to reach me for freelance-related opportunities.

My Newsletter is the best place to keep up with updated content.

Stay blessed everyone and let’s get free



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