Freedom Lifestyle 101 For Men

When men hear the term, “live a life of freedom”, most associate this with being free in a physical sense.

A common perception of not having freedom would be feeling trapped at an office job if you can’t stand cubicles. There is some truth to this but having freedom in your life is a mixture of multiple things.

In the words of Jason Stapleton of Nomadic Wealth, freedom is what you want, with whom you want, when you want, where you want, on the terms you want, and without concern for cost. As a man, you may have responsibilities to family, friends, employers, or significant others. It is easy to get caught up in this hamster wheel cycle and forget about your own needs through martyrdom. In this dysfunctional cycle, many dreams, goals, and personal needs die a slow death. A lot of times, you will find men drifting through life without a real purpose.

  • Working at a job based solely on pay and not purpose. This leads to feeling trapped.
  • Having ambition amongst a group of friends or community where ambition is frowned upon.
  • Being forced to live in a non-abundant area because of the fear of lack of resources and finances.

All across the world, there are men living their day-to-day lives without intention and they call it life.

For this reason alone, many suffer from mental health issues and depression.

In a poll done by Priory Group, 40% of men won’t talk about their mental health and the challenges they face. Living your life with full intention forces you to be fully present and to experience the good and the bad that comes with it. When you know where you are going in life, it makes dealing with adversity a little easier. That alone has a positive effect on a man’s mental health.

There is a way to shift your mindset.

Many men ask the wrong questions about finding purpose and having freedom.

Dr. Myles Monroe states you should ask 5 questions of the human heart.

Who am I? Where am I from? Why am I here? What can I do? Where am I going?

One benefit of having a mental compass for the direction of your life is not becoming stuck in life like your Neo from “The Matrix”. Every choice, every minute, and every day is lived with full intent. No time is wasted. Every aspect of your life is aligned and it all works in unison.

As the digital age continues to grow, more resources are becoming available to create freedom in your life.

What man doesn’t want what he wants, with whom he wants, when he wants, where he wants, on the terms he wants, and without concern for cost?

Gone are the days of our grandfathers who worked until retirement and sacrificed their mental and physical health in the process and called said, “this is just what men do”. Thanks to the internet, men are breaking free from the old social constructs of how men should live their lives. Start today and get your life back. Have the career you want, travel where you want, date who you want to date, or live where you want to live.



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Eric LaShun

Eric LaShun

World Traveler | I write about how INFJ men can live a dope life with Global Mindset, Human Behavior, Psychology, Self-Improvement, Skill Creation