Learn 5 Topics You Need To Not Suck At Life

Some things in life are needed to live a dope life.

There are 5 topics in life that you should be knowledgeable in with above-average knowledge. You don’t have to be an expert in these topics but the goal is to know more than the average person to succeed. Human Behavior, Psychology, Skill Development, Self Improvement, and Global Mindset. Knowing these areas will give you an advantage over others. You will be able to see things others don’t see. It is like unlocking a superpower.

Let’s discuss it.

Human Behavior #1:

Everyone’s behavior is motivated by something.

We are all led by an internal compass that controls our behavior. When I was a fitness trainer, I had a client who wanted to lose weight because his doctor told him to. After digging deeper with my client, he told me he now goes to the gym because he doesn’t want to die. He is motivated by the fear of bad health causing problems or possibly death. Taking people’s behavior at face value can lead to many misunderstandings about people. When you put in extra effort to understand others’ behavior, your connections and relationships will increase tenfold.

Psychology #2:

Psychology is in every part of our daily life.

Have you ever always wondered why the produce section is located in the same spot in most grocery stores? There is a psychological tactic behind that. Most produce sections resemble a pack of skittles with all the colors of vegetables and fruit carefully coordinated to catch your eye. Sigmund Freud is the founder of psychoanalysis.

It is no coincidence that his nephew, Edward Bernays, is the creator of marketing psychology.

One benefit of understanding psychology is you will start to spend your money more wisely. You won’t succumb to marketing that is geared to prey on your desires. You will buy something because you simply need it. You will be able to see how psychology influences our entire world.

Skill Development #3:

Without a skill, your career and financial potential are limited.

Take a look at customer service jobs. These jobs don’t require a set of high-in-demand skills. This is why it isn’t difficult to get these kinds of jobs. It is also the same reason why these jobs always have starting low pay. Employers are aware that hiring for these positions is never difficult but keeping workers is always the problem due to the low starting pay.

I have been studying and practicing Portuguese for the last two years. I am getting better each year. Eventually, I will become fluent enough to consider it a skill on a job resume. The goal is to find, create, and develop a skill that you can always monetize. You have the choice to beg your employer for more hours or monetize your specific skill when money is needed. Which one sounds more appealing?

Self Improvement #4:

Anything of importance requires degrees of personal development.

When I think about this topic, I think about anyone who has served in the military. Some would say anyone who joins the military has the potential to live a great life. Joining the military allows you to travel, develop skills for your civilian career, build lifelong friendships and community, or have the resources to pay for college. All of these great rewards come with a price. That price is personal development.

Before the rewards, there was the grueling boot camp phase. That phase is where the personal development phase took place. If you have a goal or dream no matter how small, self-improvement is going to be required. Pursing things of value will always have the uncomfortable early stages when first starting. When you are continuously seeking improvement, you get used to those awkward and uncertain parts of the journey. That means you have developed mental endurance through self-improvement.

Global Mindset #5:

Understanding that the world is bigger than us gives us a global mindset.

According to Cultural Wizard, the definition of a Global Mindset is

“Global mindset is defined as the ability to recognize, read, and adapt to cultural signals, both overt and subtle so that your effectiveness isn’t compromised when you’re dealing with people from different backgrounds”.

The biggest areas where having a global mindset is beneficial is in your career and personal life. Oftentimes, we become socially lazy and put people into blanket generalizations and categories. This mindset comes from having a limited worldview. When you have a global mindset, you focus on the individual person instead of the generalizations that society has given them. From personal experience, people who had global mindsets tended to be well traveled. Individuals with global mindsets go places and have networks that individuals with a limited view of the world may not have access to.

Life is a game of chess, having the right information stops you from playing checkers.

We don’t know what we don’t know. That doesn’t mean we have to continue to live in ignorance. In this game of life, it never hurts to have a competitive edge.



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Eric LaShun

Eric LaShun

World Traveler | I write about how INFJ men can live a dope life with Global Mindset, Human Behavior, Psychology, Self-Improvement, Skill Creation