Why Too Much Mental Stimulation Could Be Holding You Back

Everyone has degrees of addiction to something.

I remember the first time I got drunk. I was 17 years old. It was at a party right after prom. I remember the feeling of being intoxicated for the first time. It wasn’t enough to make a first-timer puke, but enough booze to feel like the room is spinning. I kept telling everyone how cool it felt. It finally dawned on me why the adults like to drink booze all the time. The next time I got drunk was on my 21st birthday. The anticipation of getting drunk again was intoxicating on its own.

The reason for this disillusion of anticipation was because I thought I could repeat the feeling that I had when I was 17 years old. I was wrong.

When I turned 21, I succeeded in getting hammered. But the feeling I got years ago did not repeat itself.

Little did I know, I would unconsciously repeat this habit of trying to recreate that feeling of getting drunk for the first time for the next 15 years.

This is the pattern of how we get addicted to something. Drugs, sex, relationships, or alcohol. We all remember how it felt the first time we experienced it. We remember that feeling and we spend damn near our entire lives trying to recreate that feeling. This is why most people are unable to do boring tasks.

Creating your ideal lifestyle and getting freedom requires you to do boring and tedious tasks. Do you want to work for yourself eventually? You got to perfect your boring skill each day. Do you want the physique of your dreams? You got to go to the boring gym each day. Do you want to earn money? You got to go to your boring job to earn your income. All of these boring tasks are temporary.

If you do these boring tasks each day, eventually they will pay off and you will get bigger rewards.

We spend so much time looking for mental stimulation that distracts us from the daily and monotonous daily tasks.

There is nothing wrong with breaking up the routine. But when you begin to search for distractions purely for dopamine hits, that is where problems begin. This leads to the dangerous path of addiction.

None of us are immune to addictions. This is due to us trying to recreate first-time experiences in our childhoods. Addictions aren’t just drugs and alcohol. It can be work, social media likes, binge-watching, exercising, or anything that is done excessively. It is the addictions that prevent people from creating their dream life. Creation requires attention to detail and details are boring. Boring isn’t exciting and doesn't give us that high like addictions does.

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Eric LaShun

Eric LaShun

World Traveler | I write about how INFJ men can live a dope life with Global Mindset, Human Behavior, Psychology, Self-Improvement, Skill Creation